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Over the past 25 years it has become evident to me that the vast majority of patients also struggle in their lives with dysfunctional brain syndromesmanifesting as: fatigue, lethargy, lack of motivation and energy, spacey and foggy thinking, insomnia,  anxiety, OCD, PTSD, TBI, depression, ADD/ADHD, anger, etc.; all of which cloud their lives and make achieving vibrant health more difficult, or seemingly out of reach. And, all too often, they are on medications with side-effects compounding their problems.

In 2009 I discovered and researched LENS Neurofeedback. In 2010 I became certified as a LENS Neurofeedback Practitioner. I trained directly with Len Ochs, PhD—the creator of the LENS technology.

LENS is an extremely safe and effective treatment option for most dysfunctional brain syndromes, yielding both rapid and dramatic improvement for the majority of patients.

Over 75% of my patients have experienced significant improvement with LENS, most noticing positive changes within 6 visits. If you suffer from the effects of a dysfunctional brain, perhaps I can help.