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Perhaps you have heard that structure dictates function. This applies not only to buildings and such, but to your body as well. The feet are the foundation upon which your body stands. And, much like the foundation of a house, if there are defects they can lead to other structural problems which, in the body, most often manifest as pain. Structural problems in the feet (such as flat feet, etc) create functional problems in the ankles, knees, hips and low back and alter gait (how you walk)…all of which contribute to pain and degenerative changes in any, or all, of those areas.

We have Footlever’s technology to scan your feet to find structural problems that may be causing and/or contributing to your pain. The technology allows us to make custom orthotics that fit in your shoe, changing your shoe from an off-the-rack shoe to a customized shoe that supports your feet, and therefore your body, perfectly. This most often results in a decrease in ankle, knee, hip or low back pain/discomfort, and even dereased neck and shoulder pain.

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