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Chiropractic is an excellent treatment choice for many of the on-the-job injuries that happen every year. Most of these injuries are soft-tissue injuries including: sprain/strain, low back or neck disc injuries with nerve root irritation, carpal tunnel, etc.  Most of these are amenable to, and respond quickly to, conservative chiropractic care and good home instructions in self-help.

If you suffer a work-related injury and you’ve gone down the traditional medical road to be treated, it may be time to give chiropractic a try. Chiropractors are professionals at treating the underlying issues that potentially could be missed by medical doctors. Locating the source of your injury could be the difference between fixing an issue and living with something for a long period of time.

In addition to being professionals at uncovering underlying issues, chiropractors handle the healing process without the need for addictive pain pills and potentially risky surgery. If you’ve been injured at work, call Dr. May for an initial consultation.