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Personal injury is related to bodily harm that comes from being involved in any type of accident or mishap, from a car accident to a slip and fall, etc. The difference between personal injury and workers comp is that personal injury takes place outside of work.

Chiropractors are professionals at uncovering underlying issues in personal injury accidents. Whether it be a single adjustment or a series of treatment, your chiropractor is one of the best options to get you healing on the right path and back to near perfect.

While a  medical-pharmaceutical approach may address pain and swelling it does not address the bigger picture of the injury; the restoration of normal motion and rehabilitation and strengthening of the injured joints. While drugs may mask pain and decrease swelling (which are helpful in the initial phase of care), failure to address bigger picture of the injury often creates more chronic problems later on.

If you experience a personal injury accident, consult with Dr. May to determine the extent of the injury and discuss a treatment plan to help you recover as quickly and as best possible.